The Schonsee neighbourhood is located within the Lake District in north Edmonton.  Schonsee is bounded by 167th Avenue to the south, 66th Street to the east, 82nd Street to the west and 173rd Avenue to the north.  A Neighbourhood Structure Plan for Schonsee was approved by City Council in 2002.  Development began soon after, and is still underway.  The plan for the neighbourhood is to develop a primarily residential community with a variety of housing options.  The ultimate housing split is planned at approximately two-thirds low density residential units and one-thrid medium density residential units.  Medium density housing will be developed along the neighbourhood’s collector roads and near the neighbourhood park site. A district commercial site will be located in the southwest corner of the neighbourhood at 82nd Street and 167th Avenue.  A park is located north of the stormwater management lake, and a smaller park is located on the northeast shore of the lake.  The eastern third of the Schonsee neighbourhood has been designated as a special study area, and no development is proposed for lands within that area. Neighbourhoods in the Lake District have names referring to lakes in different languages, a concept which recognizes Edmonton’s ethnic diversity.  The Schonsee neighbourhood name is derived from the German word “schon,” meaning beautiful, and “see” meaning lake.

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